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Whether you need a criminal defense attorney or you wish to open a divorce case, our Honolulu, HI-area firm has a lot to offer. Before you call us in Honolulu for a free initial consultation about your case, feel free to read these frequently asked questions about our firm and the legal matters we handle. If you decide to contact us, rest assured that we will work hard to meet your needs with the best legal advice and representation you could ask for.

Hiring an attorney

One question we are frequently asked is if it's necessary to hire an attorney. The answer isn't crystal clear: it depends on the case and the legal issues involved. That is why we, like many attorneys, offer a free initial consultation. You can come to or call our Honolulu office to find out more about our free initial consultation.
If you are considering hiring an attorney, make sure to find one who practices in the area of law your issues falls under, whether it's criminal defense or family law. Finally, make sure you are comfortable with the attorney you hire. It's fine to meet with several attorneys until you find the right one for you. 


Here are a few frequent questions about the costs involved with hiring an attorney:
How much do you need to pay to speak with an attorney?
  • The first consultation with our office is generally free. This is a general consultation about the status of your case and will not incorporate specific legal advice, as you are not yet a client. If you require a detailed consultation, we may require that you pay for the consultation. A paid consultation will generally go into details about the specifics of your case. Mr. Smith may also review documents, statutes, or other forms relevant to the case. A paid consultation will provide you with recommendations, insight as to the timing of your case, and a breakdown of what the fees and costs of representation would be. 
How do attorneys charge?
  • In most cases, particularly in the area of family law, a retainer fee is paid, from which the hourly attorney's fees are deducted. Large retainer fees may sometimes be paid in installments. Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. We also take cash and accept personal or business checks. Occasionally a flat fee is charged per case. In some other cases, like personal injury cases, the attorney may charge the client a percentage of the recovery (known as a contingency fee). Under any of the above billing systems, the client is typically required to pay all taxes and costs. 
A contract as part of a criminal defense divorce case in Honolulu, HI


As divorce is a common occurrence, our firm has gathered some of the most common questions we are asked about the process:
What is the difference between a "contested" or "uncontested" divorce?
  • An uncontested divorce case is one in which the parties are in agreement about all of the issues involved in the divorce, including the division of property and custody matters. The attorney will prepare documents but will not need to represent the client in court, as there are no disputed matters, which means an uncontested divorce usually has lower costs.  
  • In a contested divorce case, the parties are not in agreement. The matter may be taken to court, where the attorney you hire will generally be an advocate for your interests. If the parties cannot agree on a settlement, the case may be set for trial. Contested cases can sometimes become long, drawn-out, and costly.
How do I start the divorce process?
  • Call our office in Honolulu. The first call is free, and lets us discuss your concerns and what we can do to address them. If you choose to hire our firm, we can then have you come into the office to proceed with your case.
What are the issues in a divorce case?
  • The issues can vary by case, but some common ones relate to the division of property and custody of children. Other common concerns are: health insurance, life insurance, educational expenses, and alimony. 
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